Upcoming Events – Weekly Networking 

March 28, 2023


Tuesday Morning Networking Event

Join us Tuesday, March 28th, from 7:15 am – 8:45 am. Our open networking event will be held at Pancake Cafe- at 1292 Rickert Dr. in Naperville, Illinois.

This week’s speakers are:

Laura Wellman – Healthcare Solutions Team

I am independent Broker for Health and Medicare Insurance in 15 states. This is my 5th year in this industry. 

I can sell individual, group, Medicare products, Government Mandated plans and subsidies (ACA), Fixed Benefit, Short Term, dental, vision, cancer, accident, critical illness and Long Term Care. I contract with all of the major carriers which means that I have access to hundreds of Insurance products and options to fit the clients needs.

State licenses include: IL, IN, MI, WI, MO, KS, TX, MT, TN, FL, VA, NC, GA, AL, OH

Ph: (216) 695-0077
Email: lwellman@myhst.com
Website: myhst.com


William L. Spies Equitable Advisors

As a Financial Consultant with Equitable Advisors, LLC, my goal is to assist my clients and their families in helping them achieve their specific financial goals and needs while maintaining a client focused servicing practice.  I have been providing the education and tools that assist individuals, families and businesses in their decision-making process throughout their financial life-cycle. I do this through the process of financial analysis, which encompasses risk management strategies, wealth accumulation, wealth distribution, and asset transfer. AGE-153809(6/20)(exp 7/24)

Ph: (630) 575-5032
Email: william.spies@equitable.com
Website: www.williamlspies.com


William L. Spies from Equitable Advisors
William L. Spies